Changeling Barbarian, Favored Saint of Manny



  • Changeling
  • Barbarian 12, Warshaper 10
  • Neutral Good
  • 18 years old, probably immortal
  • 5’8"
  • 157 lbs
  • Purple eyes, Black hair, Dark skin
    • it should be noted that this is her natural form, and that she may appear mostly however she feels like.

Primary weapon

  • Bastard Sword
    • Fire damage
  • Axalted
    • Manny’s axe: very badass, much death, wow, such holy glow, wow

Secondary Weapon

  • Bladed Cloak
    • This thing doesn’t get used
  • Any natural weapon her body can support
    • Warshapers Bitch

Ill get to this when I come up with a good idea for it.

Amoss was one of the few survivors of the Black Company’s final battle. After using Carina’s scroll to return, she and the others retreated to Kal’renth. There they met with Wilhelm and formed the Resistance of Manny. At first they intended on being a classical resistance, but when the Wyrd announced the mandatory worship of Exarch Lachesis, the Ur-Lords, and the wyrd, the leaders of the resistance decided they needed to get the support of the people and could only do that with a pseudo-religion of their own. thus Hirzon and Wilhelm proposed making the resistance into a church with Amoss at the head and wielding Manny’s axe, the Axalted. She refused initially, claiming that she wasn’t worthy, but when Ur-Lord Iusti attacked Jik’ton, she had no choice but to pick up the axe and carry it into battle. After seeing it drive away the antitheses of the Wyrd’s army, the people eagerly joined Hirzon in proclaiming her a saint. She is perhaps the most reluctant of people to ever take on that role.


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