The world as a whole is called Ferros. It’s roughly earth-sized (as of the most recent calculatory estimates) but either has a lot more ocean or just isn’t mapped out very well. There are several main continents and at least one large archipelago. The most populous race is definitely humans, but other races do alright for themselves. Monsters inhabit a large amount of the world and some of the smarter ones have formed civilizations. Deities are grouped into pantheons and many countries and city-states have a Favored deity, leading to continental pantheon groupings. Even so, deities do not limit their presence to geographical regions only and many deities, such as Travyn, the god of Travel and Commerce, have world-wide reverence. Most countries are monarchial; the others tend to be theocracies. City-states are more likely to be democratic or part of a loose republic. Astronomically, Ferros is a normal planet with an axial tilt of 25 degrees and it orbits a yellow sun. The planet experiences four seasons in temperate zones. It also has two moons, both smaller than Earth’s moon. The larger, Krayos, appears reddish and has a 21-day cycle and rotates in time so only one side ever faces Ferros. The smaller, Sartra, appears white and has a 16-day cycle, though it rotates over 32 days. They both have the same phase only once a year. The year is made of 12 months of 28 days each, interestingly, the year is the same length as the moon phase alignments, so New Years is commonly held on dual new moons with dual full moons being a major holiday. Three other planets within the solar system have been identified and have varying names.

The continent of Ominia is the northernmost landmass, with a substantial area within the Arctic Circle, though it does not cover the North Pole. The entire continent is united as the Ominian Empire and is predominantly populated by humans. Other races of note include Illumians and Gnomes; Dwarves are known to inhabit some of the mountains as Ominia has valuable deposits of mythril, iron, silver, and zorite—a rare material known for its properties of storing and conducting arcane, psionic, and incarnic energies. The country is strongly monotheistic with the main religion, practically having state support, being the worship of Elohim. Though not sanctioned, Elohim’s evil counterpart Fallais also ‘hails’ from Ominia. Currently, the Tiberius family holds the throne with the Emperor Rasca Tiberius VII and his wife the Empress Annae Tiberius. The empire has a very strong educational system in place and nearly everyone can use basic magic and has had combat training. Consequently, Ominian universities are well-known for their magical programs. The empire also maintains a strong army and is the strongest military power in the world.

South of Ominia is the continent of Anatis. Anatis is probably the most varied and lively of them all, though in many ways it is backwards compared to Ominia. The continent spans a very large climate range, but most of it is temperate. There are four countries, a large region of desert in the center and a region of independent city-states on the eastern peninsula known collectively as The Esterlands. The country of Manscell occupies the northernmost region and is a monarchy ruled by the Aberdeen family. It is mountainous with harsh winters populated mostly by humans, catfolk, and dwarves. Pockets of drow are also present near the southern border. To the south, along the Western coastline is the country of Calisaele. It is heavily forested, mostly due to the large elven population which is significant enough that the royal family is half-elven. The humans are more vocal in politics due to the elven concern with their drow kin who live in the mountains to the north and east. In the south, centered around a large mountain and several rivers, is the warlike country of Jeberra. It is ruled by a theocracy to the god Mohorin. Relations with other nations are cool at best, though they’ve managed to stay peaceful lately. North of the Gynari desert is the country of Lyrise. For as long as anyone can remember, it has been ruled by the Queen Miku Hatsune. No one knows very much about her except that she has become strange and isolatory in the last few decades. Though it is not a theocracy, the goddess Echoe is the only deity worshipped in the country (even Jeberra permits shrines to Travyn). The Esterlands contain the cities of Oceal, Duboll, Tenshichi, and Locen and a very large forest. Oceal and Duboll are port cities, while Tenshichi is more oriental and Locen is an insular fortress town.

To the west of Anatis is the continent of Kal’renth, sometimes called the Outer Continent. Not much is known about it, save that dragons tend to congregate there a little more heavily than anywhere else. Geographically it is longer than Anatis and a little more than half of it is tropical. Some of the more exotic races, such as the planetouched and Genasi also congregate there, though it is unknown to what extent. Exploratory ships are repelled by dragons and there is only one port open to trade: Jik’ton. Some spices and ores are traded out, but traders never get to see much beyond the docks of the city.

In the southern hemisphere are the continents Marth, Terramuth, and the Lurecia Archipelago. Marth is home to various human societies along with kobolds and a few goblinoid races. Halflings live on both Marth and Terramuth, though contact between those two continents has been sparse lately. Terramuth was once like Anatis and Marth, but recently it has cut itself off from the world just as Lyrise has. A trade ship was sent out from one of the Marthan governments but they haven’t been heard from. Some suspect it was the work of an evil god, others say it was a disease or the work of dragons. Rumor has it that some old sailors nearby many years ago witnessed a great calamity, but finding one who still remembers is a quest in and of itself. The Lurecia archipelago is a very large collection of islands in the temperate zone, some of which are large enough to be small continents containing mountains, rivers, and forests. Fortunately for the archipelago, they provide plenty of minerals and resources to have built up cities and small nation-states. Again most of the inhabitants are human, though the gnomes and raptoran also have substantial populations in the region.

Additionally there is a region of sea along the equator that is full of reefs, spires, and small, rocky islands. Some scholars say it could be the remains of a great continent while others claim it was the site of a great magical attempt to create a continent in the past. Whatever the region is, it is the site of many treacherous seas and is well known for both rocks and immense tidal waves. Collectively the region is referred to as Abraxas or just The Rending Sea.


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