A kingdom on the western coast of Anatis, comprised of elves and humans. Calisaele boasts the highest population of elves and half-elves on Anatis and the ruling family has been half-elf for centuries. It borders Manscell and Lyrise to the north, the Gynari Desert to the east, and Jeberra to the south.

Calisaele has many forests to the N and NE. To the E, S, and SE it boasts farmland and hills. There is a mountain range that I can’t remember running eastward away from the country into the Gynari Desert. A river runs from the mountains through the capital city of Caer Jaenelle on the coastal delta.

The country is ruled by a royal family and jointly administered by a high council (racially diverse since the year 1012!). It is divided into many counties and marches, notably the march of Esse on the border of Manscell and the County of Ailele in the great forest.

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