Three main pantheons exist: the Ominian duality, the Anatisian pantheon, and the Marthan pantheon. Outside of those exist several other independent deities that receive widespread worship. To be exact, most deities have some amount of worldwide worship, but the pantheonic deities are concentrated here and there whereas the outer deities are more homogenous. NB: Most people know who the gods are and their portfolios but only clerics, priests, and scholars of religion know things such as domains, divine realm locations, favored saints and so on, and even then they usually only focus on their religion. Knowledge(Religion) checks are needed to know about religions not in your background.

Anatisian Pantheon:

The Draconic Pantheon

Unknown to any non-dragons unless dragons tell them. Dragons, being arrogant, assume that their deities are the most supreme of all and that they hold jurisdiction over all mortals and creatures, though only dragons are worthy enough to know about and worship them. Occasionally a name may be dropped here or there in conversation with a dragon, but that is all and no library in the world has more than a few names. Except, of course, those of the dragons.

The Ominian Pantheon

The Marthan Pantheon

These gods are mostly worshiped on Marth. See the wiki page for more details. Add in flavor text as you see fit, if you worship any of them.

The Outer Pantheon

These gods are either not part of a pantheon or may be worshiped as part of several.


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