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Updates and special qualities

Dragons possess the racial bonuses as determined by their type below. All dragon DR is now x/adamantine and epic level dragons have DR x/-

  • Chromatic dragons gain a +2 bonus to strength and constitution and an extra die of damage for their breath weapons.
  • Metallic dragons gain a +2 bonus to intelligence, wisdom, and charisma and a +1 bonus to their breath weapon DC.
  • Gem dragons gain a +2 bonus to damage reduction and a +10 ft. bonus to the range of their breath weapons.

Lizardfolk speak Draske, a variant of Draconic. Draske is a much simplified from Draconic, having only 26 letters to Draconic’s 30 and none of the accent marks. Additionally Draske letters no longer change meaning based on tone as Draconic does. Finally, the letter forms are simplified.

Madness (Ex)
A mad creature has a nonzero Wisdom below 5. Any Wisdom damage is treated instead as Wisdom drain, subtracted from the creature’s normal Wisdom score. Once the Wisdom has been drained to the current score, the creature is permanently mad as the spell Insanity. Restoring drained points of wisdom will not remove the madness, though restoring damaged points will. Killing a maddened creature will restore it in its final moments. Most maddened creatures are highly violent: +2 to attack rolls, but -2 to AC.

Any creature which, for whatever reason, does not have a Wisdom score is considered permanently mad. While normal madness may be cured magically, a creature without a wisdom score may never experience lucidity.

Prominence (Ex)
Some monsters have this extraordinary ability that makes them fuller of vitality than usual. To roll their Hp, use the roll/keep system where you roll 2xHD and keep HD (max results on a die role explode: re-roll and add). Prominence can not be suppressed, and a creature with prominence maintains it even if raised from the dead or made into an undead. In that sense, it is more a property of creatures rather than a special ability.

Prominent monsters are always advanced versions of regular monsters (as given in their entry in the Monster Manual). The Boss template also provides the prominence ability, as do the spells Prominence/Deminence.

Spells or abilities that create creatures such as constructs or undead can also create prominent versions of such creatures. The creator must advance the hit die of the creature by at least 2 and must use a gem worth at least 50 gp that comes from either the Positive or Negative Energy Planes. Summoned creatures are never prominent unless summoned in a special ritual.

Monster Manual

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