The Esterlands

The Esterlands is the name for both the geographical region east of Lyrise and the Gynari Desert as well as the political group of city-states that occupy that region.

Geographically there’s not much special other than The Rifts and various ruins of the ancient Verdayl Empire. Politically the Esterlands have remained unconquered due to lack of interest and strong trading abilities.

Keep a lookout for the occasional mindflayer or dreamless in the region.

Post Liberation Day

With the sealing of Lyrise trade that once passed through the country is now either routed through the north seas to Manscell or south through Hem and the Gynari Desert. The trade through the north has slightly diminished the Esterlands’ GDP but this was offset by the increasing reliance on trade through the desert and the leadership that various merchant-lords have displayed. This has had the overall effect of increasing the economic and political power of the Esterlands somewhat as their leaders fill the vacuum left behind by Lyrise. To further bolster their influence, the dominant coalition of merchant-lords has asked to open formal diplomatic relations with the dragons of Kal’renth. Supposedly the dragons have sent an emissary to travel the region. Additionally the above-mentioned coalition has been proposing the creation of a formal political or economic regional entity to control trade and politics.

This new power and influence, as well as the events of Zerstorung and after, have led to a renewed interest in the archaeological ruins of the Verdayl Empire. Most interested parties hope that by learning more about the demise of the Verdayl they can determine more about the rise of the Wyrd. Some claim there are clues to greater treasures hidden deep in the frescoes and murals of the Verdayl, perhaps even a clue to the fabled Crystal Eey

The Esterlands

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